Episode 24: Beer League Talk and Sauce Toss

What an episode we have for you guys! Hal and Ked talk about the latest league news such as Bieber breakaways, Kunitz’s Nanny, Elias Jersey Retirement, Vegas Viewing parties at the strip club, and Matt Duchene is a lost puppy. We debut our new Puck Bag segment where we take your calls and your messages!

Our first interview is with Nick from Beer League Talk who is the man. The guy helps run a huge beer league, put together the Westy Award and lives the god damn dream. You can follow him on twitter here. WRITERS NOTE: The audio gets a little choppy towards the end of the interview but let me live.

Our second interview was with Cort of Saucetoss Hockey. We talk a bit about how he came up with Sauce Toss and muckin’ it up in Junior. If you guys want a great summer game for the beach or the park check these guys out here.

All in all, I think you’re going to the love the podcast. One of the best ones we’ve had yet. If you guys love hockey share this with your friends and team. All our welcome.


If you want to listen on iTunes of your iPhone, click here.  Leave a review and let us know what you think!


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