If You Haven’t Watched LetterKenny Yet… Pitter Patter

“Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and christians, these are their problems.”

Now if you’ve ever seen those words roll across your screen you know that you’re about to experience 30 minutes of pure entertainment and enjoyment, your about to watch comedy that has had my friends and I rolling on the floor with laughter, yes literally. Now for us to be able to watch this in the States is pretty tricky as the show only runs on Crave.tv and you can’t get a subscription unless you live in Canada as I sadly found out this past weekend. So after searching long and hard through the internet and trying to run it on 4 different bootleg sites I was finally able to find it on some site called ice house or ice box or some shit with ice in it, bottom line I now have three different viruses on my computer but hey it was worth it.

Here’s why this show is great, there is humor in everything they do and a lot of the times you have to think about what they just said before it actually hits you in full effect. It’s a deep humor thats very witty, smart, and sometimes you can’t even believe what they just said. This is where I like to differentiate it from Trailer Park Boys, which is the show that a lot of my friends like to try to compare Letterkenney to when I describe it to them before they’ve watched it. Now Trailer Park Boys is a show that I believe is mindless entertainment, it’s funny yes, but its almost too stupid to watch. You sit through six episodes of Trailer Park Boys and you will lose a couple of brain cells, you sit through six episodes of Letterkenny and you’ll come away wittier and with the best chirps you’ve ever heard.

As a hockey fan one of the best parts of the show is the hockey team and the two main players Reilly and Jonesy. If you want new chirps for the upcoming hockey season all you have to do is watch this show. These guys are great and you’ll laugh at how spot on they not only get the “typical hockey bro” persona but also how they they nail  the locker room atmosphere in the show. Again, the hockey jargon and chirps you get from this show are second to none. I’m sure everyone has seen excerpts of what I’m talking about all over social media as they provide tons of one line hits, and the full show is just 30 minutes of this.


Reily and Jonesy


I wouldn’t be able to write this without mentioning the two main characters on this show, Wayne and Darry. Wayne is the main character and you either want him or wish you were him. This guys nut sack is huge and he absolutely does not give a shit. He is the funniest guy on the show as he tells things how they are and he is never wrong. Darry is the perfect side kick for Wayne, a nice well meaning guy who just likes to get hammered and a lot of times say awkward stuff.

Now Letterkenny also has a bunch of shorts or clips out on youtube, which I’m sure you’ve seen, as these are all comedy gold and feature all the same characters as the show, here is the clip that really got them on the map for those of you that haven’t seen it yet:



If all of these aren’t reasons enough to go and watch this show did I mention that 90% of the girls in it are hockey loving good country girls that are complete smoke shows with a lot of spunk?


Letterkenny PB

Still haven’t watched it…? Well Pitter Patter lets get at er.

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