A Cousin Eddie Special: What Grinds My Gears as a Leafs Fan Volume 1

Hey everybody I’m back with a look at what grinds my gears. Now to be honest, it’s not like I feel like throwing my TV out the window, the degree of grinding isn’t really that severe, but these things still really piss me off nonetheless.

  1. The Seattle expansion. Yeah I think it’s great that they’re getting a team and yes it’s pretty impressive that they got approximately more than 25 thousand ticket commitments. But you know what? Every time I hear a media member say it’s great that the game is growing, I don’t give a crap. I, and most people, only care about the team I/they cheer for. I don’t care that billionaire owners or millionaire athletes will make more money.
  2. I think they had more than enough teams at 30 and now they’re going to have 32. If the NHL is going to explore new markets, or revisit old ones like Quebec City, move some of the weak ass teams to better locations. You want to go to Oklahoma City? or Kansas City? or maybe even the city that Gary hates, Quebec City? , move teams like the Hurricanes, the Panthers or the Coyotes instead of creating MORE damn teams. The talent is so watered down in the league as it is, maybe try creating a stronger league instead of stretching it out like a cheap rubber band that can snap at any time.
  3. Another thing that grinds my gears is people from other fan bases (not pointing to any specific teams here) whose team is doing poorly this year, constantly taking shots at Leafs players that maybe don’t have comparable INDIVIDUAL statistics as players on their team. Like seriously? Take a lap. Or even from teams that are doing well. You know what? I’m glad that the player your team drafted at number 2 is scoring a ton of goals. He should. He was drafted 2nd overall. It’s too bad these fans tend to make others dislike that player, instead of enjoying what he can do on the ice.
  4. People that keep kicking a dead horse. People who always want Polak out of the lineup permanently or think Nylander will be at centre when Matthews comes back. Some people are even STILL going on about putting Marleau on Matthews’ left wing. Jesus, find something else to tweet about. I would rather read about your dog’s bowel movements than read another tweet about how YOU WANT CARRICK IN THE LINEUP INSTEAD OF POLAK. Yeah OK, I got that from the previous 50 other tweets you put out about the same subject!!! (BTW, I know I was guilty of that myself when Marcinin was in the lineup.)
  5. People looking for a crisis with the Leafs. Look, the Leafs are going to finish third in the division. The situation they’re in is rare. To know this far in advance who you’re going to play in the playoffs is a gift in many ways. Don’t worry about the Panthers sneaking up behind them. They know they’re playing the Bruins, and that’s a big reason why they got Plekanec. Look at his his history with Marchand. And another thing, if they beat the Bruins, they can definitely beat Tampa. And if they beat Tampa, they can beat anyone else in the East. So LOOK FORWARD TO THAT and stop worrying. I get it, as Leafs fans we always think that the worst possible scenario will happen to our team, but that stops no. Just chill and enjoy the ride.
  6. And finally these long stretches between games. Like holy crap, 5 days between games then another 4 after that? Also, playing the Sabres 4 times in a month? Do a better job NHL. Jesus.


Anyway, thanks for listening to what’s been grinding my gears. Go Leafs Go.

Grumpy Cousin Eddie  #budsallday #GoLeafsGo

One thought

  1. Failure to upgrade at the blue line ranks as the big gear grinder of this season. Why add Marleau for that money and term and not use the depth at forward that signing created to pull the trigger on a deal for a good puck moving D man? Polak reminds me of Brad Marsh during his brief time in Toronto. Always 2 fully steps behind the play but all heart and soul so impossible to hate unlike Marinchin or Aki Berg.


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