Send Your Losing Tickets To Shea Theodore

Yesterday I wrote a blog where I was so sure that Vegas had game 3 in the bag that it came off a bit cocky. Now I knew it was going to a tough battle and I knew emotions would be running high as the Caps played their first Stanley Cup game at home. Also, if I knew the pre game shenanigans was going to Pat Sajak, I would have tripled my bet. Everything seemed to be falling into the Knights’ lap when it was all tied up after one. Every hockey fan knows that if you are playing on the road, your goal is to be tied or winning after the first. Things were looking good….Then Mr. Theodore got involved…..

At this moment Papa knew that all hope was lost.

Shea Theodore owes me some money after his performance last night. He owes the city of Las Vegas and the whole Golden Knights organization a sincere apology. I don’t want to hear how young he is or how great he has been in the past. That gets thrown out the window in the Stanley Cup Final. You have to be perfect or the result is the outcome you had last night. His two turnovers were straight up lack luster and “lazy.” You got outworked and out hustled. Simple as that. Even people that I spoke to about the game said, “Oh the guy that looked like he didn’t know what he was doing?” So I know it wasn’t just me. My anger was completely justified. There is nothing worse than “lazy” hockey. It is unacceptable on every level of life, let alone sports and the Stanley Cup Final. He needs to give his head a shake because right now, Shea Theodore cannot be trusted on the ice.

Now that I am a little removed from last nights Theodore debacle, let me apologize for everything I just said. I had a lot riding on that game. Not much financially, but emotionally. I’m a crippled Rangers fan and I went all in on a team that I thought couldn’t lose. And after seeing the effort Theodore gave me…I fell to to the floor like the life alert lady below. But even Papa realizes that he’s a young kid going against a very gifted team. This is by far the biggest stage he has ever played on and he has been a huge factor to the success of the Golden Knights. Players won’t always have it every night and certainly Theo didn’t have it yesterday. But let me make one thing clear as I end this blog. Shea Theodore and Vegas Golden Knights are skating on thin ice here. If they fall apart on me after I finally gave in and crowned them Stanley Cup Champions three weeks ago, I will blow a fuse. And by that I mean pull for them every single game, forever so they never win anything ever again because Papa might be a full fledge jinx!



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