Crawford To Start Against Arizona

What could a team with a struggling defense and a hot offense use? How about an elite goaltender coming off a 10-month injury? That’s right, Crawford is BACK. In case you didn’t hear me, just let Corey himself tell you.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Ward has been a solid replacement and has done a good job, but I’m so excited to see Crow back in net. He just changes the Hawks game entirely. He seems ready after a concussion put him out in December 2017. He’s such a difference-maker in net opposed to Ward. When healthy, he’s a top 10 goalie in the NHL.


Crawford being back allows the defense to play a little more freely and not worry about opposing offenses as much because they know they have a stud in net to make some plays. That doesn’t mean the defensemen should do this, however, because they’ve been playing weak and shouldn’t play any softer.


Regardless, I’m just happy to have my goalie back. I know he will not be the same Crawford we saw during the Cup runs, but he will steal some games for us. Chicago has 6 games in the next 9 days, so I’m sure Quenneville won’t start him all 6, but I expect to see him in at least half those games, depending on how he’s feeling. The Blackhawks need all the help they can get and I know this will revitalize all parts of the team.


Author: patrick-belanger

Diehard Blackhawks fan from the suburbs of Chicago, follow me on Twitter for hockey updates, as well as other sports @pat_bel37

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