Blackhawks Fire 3-Time Stanley Cup Winning Coach Joel Quenneville

I didn’t think I’d have to write this blog at all, let alone today. The Chicago Blackhawks have fired Joel Quenneville after staring this season 6-6-3. Q helped lead Chicago to three Stanley Cup Championships in his 11 seasons as head coach of the Hawks, ending with a 452-249-96 regular season record and a 76-52 playoff record.


Blackhawks nation was very shocked and upset about this. Am I happy? Hell no. But am I surprised? No, I’m not, because management needed someone to take the fall for their shortcomings. Stan Bowman screwed up this roster so bad and does not know how to manage the salary cap at all, obviously Q was going to fail as a coach. Q wasn’t perfect especially this season, as well as last, but what do you expect when your general manager sets you up for failure?


Rockford IceHogs head coach Jeremy Colliton will take over as head coach of the Blackhawks and that makes him the youngest head coach in the league at 33. I like Colliton, I think he’ll be a great coach, I just wish it wasn’t right now. I’m nervous for the rest of this season, we came out HOT, but have cooled down tremendously since then. This team has talent and will fight to make the playoffs, but I think they may come up short unless our moron general manager decides to make some moves.


Q will be hired very soon, definitely by next season. I know he will be ready to stick it to Bowman and McDonough when the time comes, as he should. I sure am going to miss Quenneville. He led this team to three Stanley Cups that gave me some of the best memories of my life with my dad. Thanks for everything Q. And the Blues still suck, go Hawks.



Author: patrick-belanger

Diehard Blackhawks fan from the suburbs of Chicago, follow me on Twitter for hockey updates, as well as other sports @pat_bel37

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