The Blackhawks Are Playing A Meaningful Game

I’m unbelievably excited for the Hawks to play against the Canucks in Chicago tonight. Vancouver currently holds the second Wild Card spot in the West, sitting at 54 points. The Hawks are sitting on the outside looking in, tied at 51 points along with Arizona, Edmonton, and Anaheim. Here’s what the Western Conference standings look like right now.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.01.03 PM

The Blackhawks might get some help tonight, if they can pull off a win tonight. Colorado plays in Washington tonight and St. Louis plays in Tampa Bay. Of the four teams that are at 51 points, the Blackhawks look like they’re in the best position to succeed. The Oilers looked terrible on Tuesday night and fell apart in the 3rdperiod. Arizona has had bright spots, but are currently on a 4-game losing streak. Anaheim looks old and slow, but are lucky to have John Gibson keeping them alive night after night.

I’d be moronic not to mention Patrick Kane. Kane is currently tied for second in points with McDavid at 78. Night after night, Kane looks outstanding. At this pace, he should at least be a finalist for the Hart Trophy. If he can drag this team to the playoffs with minimal help, he deserves to win just as much as Kucherov, especially since Kucherov is playing with legitimate all-stars.

I know Papa wrote a blog yesterday about the Blackhawks, but I legitimately think they can make the playoffs. Tonight is probably the biggest game the Hawks will play so far this year. If they can win this, it could really kickstart something bigger. Who knows what could happen if they made the playoffs, they could get bounced first round, or they could make a deep run. As my dad said, “all they need is a chip and a chair.” Go Hawks.


Author: Patty

Diehard Blackhawks fan from the suburbs of Chicago, follow me on Twitter @pat_bel37

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