The Leafs Are Who We Thought They Were

What in the fuckity fuck was that? There have been some hilariously bad performances over the past five years of this Leafs core being together; losing to your own Zamboni driver is one that springs to mind faster than most, but that one might take the cake. I genuinely cannot stop laughing at how bad that third period was. YOU LET A GUY NAMED ZUB SCORE.

This video seems appropriate for a guy named Zub. I think the easiest way to show had bad that loss was is through percentages; everyone understands percentages, right?

99.97%, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Everyone is going to say not to overreact, “you know it’s just one game, right?” But it’s not one game, is it? It’s been YEARS of this shit. How did we ever get tricked into thinking this team was any different than the past 5 decades. If you’ve watched any of Sheldon Keefe’s interviews or any of the Leafs Blueprint videos on YouTube, you’ll hear them talk about winning habits. Winning habits, you gotta work on winning habits, overcoming adversity and grinding out wins. WAS THAT ALL A LIE? Does every single Leafs player put their AirPods in listening to JB whenever he brings up winning habits?!?! Could you just imagine if the Leafs were normal. We’d all be talking about how Auston Matthews could actually win MVP this year, and oh wow, we have two excellent lines and oh wow, Travis Boyd is the best 4th liner ever, BUT NO! The Leafs are probably gonna win the division and probably even win a round or two, but if tonight proved anything, it’s that Leafs fans have a right to be negative even when everything seems positive. You want to know why? Because they are who we thought they were.

At least we have our saviour coming, Alex Galchenyuk!

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