Another Submission to the Diagonal Club

Around the NHL, a common standard for jerseys is that the white away jersey is mostly an inverse copy of the team’s home jersey. However, Carolina’s home jerseys contrast starkly with their current away jerseys, which always felt a little out of place.

Adidas and the NHL’s second wave of Reverse Retro jerseys released this morning, and the Hurricanes Reverse Retro is more or less a red version of the current away jersey. There’s not often a consensus opinion on jerseys-fashion is very subjective-but the stick with the flag on both shoulders looks nice, and the diagonal lettering is clean. There’s not a whole lot to talk about in terms of design. No major risks were taken. It’s the inverse of the away jersey.

These releases often come down to execution. The Florida Panthers blue retros, featuring a giant yellow sun, call to memory Miami beaches and slightly mirror the Miami Heat’s uberpopular Miami Vice jerseys. The Tampa Bay Lightning also went with a bold take, and their jerseys call to memory…chaos.

Reverse Retro is based on the concept of a new take on a moment in the team’s history. Every collar is marked with the year the inspiration for the jersey is supposed to be drawn from.

Shown here is Colorado’s Reverse Retros from the first wave a few years ago. These were throwbacks to the days of the Quebec Nordiques, thus the ’79 inscription on the inside of the collar. During the first wave, Carolina’s Hartford Whalers-inspired jerseys also read ’79. This year, Carolina’s reads…2019.

While some fans may be confused at the limited attempt to tap into the team’s history, let’s remind ourselves that the team has 1) already released throwback jerseys this year and 2) has faced an outpouring of fans urging the team not to overdo the Whalers jerseys. CMO Mike Forman commented on this concept over Twitter.

It’s a more subtle jersey, but the Hurricanes still added another nice piece to a growing collection of jerseys. I’m anticipating there will be one more Hurricanes jersey released later this year. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see how these look on the ice.

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