Send Your Losing Tickets To Shea Theodore

Yesterday I wrote a blog where I was so sure that Vegas had game 3 in the bag that it came off a bit cocky. Now I knew it was going to a tough battle and I knew emotions would be running high as the Caps played their first Stanley Cup game at home. Also,... Continue Reading →


Free Money Alert: Hammer Vegas In Game 3!

The Vegas Golden Knights are currently +money right now (+110 to +115 depending on your bookie). All you gamblers out there need to jump on that immediately. The way the road teams have played in this playoffs so far and the way the Golden Knights have bounced back after their losses, it’s a no brainer.... Continue Reading →

Less on Gear, More on Beer

To any and all beer leaguers, I’m well aware that many of you, if not all of you reading this have never played hockey with me. Lucky you! But for real if you did, you would know that I somewhat consider myself to be a Gear Guru. Any guy I ever played with I can... Continue Reading →

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