HARD HITTING BS COVERAGE: Is Ryan Spooners Injury Really A Cover For His DJ Career?

The hobbled Bruins lost another solider when the Bs announced Ryan Spooner had been diagnosed with a right groin adductor tear. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Obviously this crushes the squad as we have a sickly David Backes, injured David Krecji, and a Patrice Bergeron fresh off an injury. While Spooner is wildly inconsistent,... Continue Reading →


Bruins Summer 6 Pack

Here are some of the headlines making the rounds for those Bruins fans looking for their hockey fix in the dog days of summer. Spooner Signs 1 Year, $2,825,000 Deal   Pretty meh, all the way around. Ryan Spooner has shown flashes of brilliance. He is without a doubt a driving force on the Bruins... Continue Reading →

No Pasta Dish Too Expensive

The Boston Bruins have been quiet since free agency opened up on July 1st, Signing two depth guys that nobody remembers to be able to fill in when McQuaid or Miller inevitably spend 20 games each on the IR this year, or for when when one of their six 4th line wingers go through an... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Claude

Unless you are living under a rock I am sure that by now you are aware that the Boston Bruins have fired long time coach Claude Julien. I wanted to start this post off by giving thanks to the greatest coach in the history of the Bruins organization. Claude inherited a Boston dumpster fire that... Continue Reading →

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