The Video About Alexander Mogilny Defecting From The Soviet Union is WILD

So it's Friday night and I am home not doing a god damn thing. This week I got a little taste of hockey season so naturally I jumped on the YouTube and started watching cool hockey videos. I'm wheeling along and I stumble upon this video of Alexander Mogilny leaving the Soviet Union and becoming... Continue Reading →


Antti Raanta is Bringing the HEAT With His New Pads

Is it hot in here or is it just me?     The NHL hit it out of the park this year with third jerseys like the Ducks: The Canes: The Canucks: The Devils: The Flames: The Jets: The Avalanche: And of course the Kachina Jerseys in Arizona:... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry Bruins Fans, Jake DeBrusk is Fine.. He Just Had The Runs

Bruins nation began to worry earlier today when Dan Rosen Tweeted this:   Oh no, this isn't good. With the games being in China, you could really only speculate what could’ve happened. DeBrusk is going to be a big part of what the Bruins do this year so it was only natural... Continue Reading →

The Penguins are Back.

With only 15 days until the opening of the NHL regular season, The Penguins head to Buffalo for their first preseason game of the year. THEY'RE BACK... kind of. The NHL preseason is a massive tease, and although tonight's lineups are missing the big names, it's a chance to see some of the younger guys... Continue Reading →

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