Three Things to Expect From New York Rangers Coach David Quinn

The New York Rangers have hired David Quinn.


Papa Is All In On The Vegas Golden Knights

Yesterday afternoon the Vegas Golden Knights clinched a birth into the Stanley Cup Final. They have proven everyone wrong all season, including myself. The Knights are now 4 wins away from their first Stanley Cup and this is leaving Papa shaking his head in disbelief. I'm not one of those “bunch of misfits” guys or... Continue Reading →

The Main Difference Between CCM and Warrior is that a Warrior Covert QR Edge Would’ve Broken the Crossbar Last Night

Caps fans, are you worried? Up 2-0 coming to home ice, Caps fans we're VERY confident in their team. I saw non-stop tweets saying sweep this and sweep that. I bet you feel like a fucking idiot. I totally get why Caps fans we're pumped. It's the first time in Ovechkins career that he... Continue Reading →

Dubas Does Dallas 😈😈😈

Hey everybody, I'm back with a look at how I think the new Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas should approach the off-season. We'll look at what moves I think he should make in terms of trades, internal promotion from the Marlies, draft picks and UFA targets for July 1. First of all, we know Shanny... Continue Reading →

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