The Red Wings Are so Bad That Arby’s Has Taken Notice

Arby's Lowers the Threshold for Free Fries The fast food bad boys, meat slinging 'powerhouse' Arby's obviously has a tough time getting people to go through a drive through to get a roast beef sandwich, because no duh its a roast beef sandwich. Between their hardcore media push to let you know that they in... Continue Reading →


Should There Be A Larkin Rule?

A few nights ago I was watching some NHL highlights. When the Detroit Red Wings were visiting the Anaheim Ducks I saw something I have never seen before. After a scramble around the Detroit net, Derek Grant of the Ducks finally knocked the puck behind Detroits Jimmy Howard. While this was happening Dylan Larkin appeared... Continue Reading →

TBL vs DET: Quick Take

That's more like the Red Wings team I was expecting to see this season. An offense that shows flashes but lacks depth in firepower and a defense that's just plain bad overall. I get they wanted to give Witkowski a shot to play against his former team, but now can we please send this guy... Continue Reading →

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