The Russian Five – A Hockey Documentary Like No Other

The hallmark of greatness in any field is the moment when the subject, artist, athlete or scientist transcends the subject matter and appeals to humanity as a whole. So it is with the documentary film, The Russian Five, by Joshua Riehl. Riehl was in Seattle to show the film at the Seattle International Fim Festival... Continue Reading →


Should There Be A Larkin Rule?

A few nights ago I was watching some NHL highlights. When the Detroit Red Wings were visiting the Anaheim Ducks I saw something I have never seen before. After a scramble around the Detroit net, Derek Grant of the Ducks finally knocked the puck behind Detroits Jimmy Howard. While this was happening Dylan Larkin appeared... Continue Reading →

TBL vs DET: Quick Take

That's more like the Red Wings team I was expecting to see this season. An offense that shows flashes but lacks depth in firepower and a defense that's just plain bad overall. I get they wanted to give Witkowski a shot to play against his former team, but now can we please send this guy... Continue Reading →

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