The Video About Alexander Mogilny Defecting From The Soviet Union is WILD

So it's Friday night and I am home not doing a god damn thing. This week I got a little taste of hockey season so naturally I jumped on the YouTube and started watching cool hockey videos. I'm wheeling along and I stumble upon this video of Alexander Mogilny leaving the Soviet Union and becoming... Continue Reading →


The Morning Skate 25% off Sale

Hey guys, it’d Ked. I’m new to the merch game and this may be dumb, but I’m putting all of our stuff on sale from now until the end of the month. Why? Well two reasons. I really appreciate all of our followers. It’s awesome to be able to do this stuff and have people... Continue Reading →

JRZ Hockey Bags Are LEGIT

A few weeks ago JRZ sent the ked a couple hockey bags and they did NOT disappoint. Okay so let me break it down for you. Appearance: Rihanna/10     These bags look like the real god damn deal. They were able to put both logos on the bag and to be honest I still... Continue Reading →

Episode 65: Olly and Jacob From On The Bench   Olly and Jacob, ever heard of them?   BIG Poddy today! Olly and Jacob from on the bench come to accept their Clout award and talk Fundies with Ked. Ked and Hal then talk Karlsson and Alex Burrows. We take your twitter questions and answer your voicemails! 3 stars... Continue Reading →

The Morning Skate Store

Sup Sup Ya’ll?! Over the last few months I’ve been asking if any of you would be interested in some Morning Skate apparel and the responses were eye opening.   Even though this is something I really wanted to do, I’ve never done this before and had to no idea where to go or how... Continue Reading →

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