Judgement Day For Alain Vigneault

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VqgTgZ_etA   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-eNNL1KnRA   These were the exact moments when I started wondering how in the world Alain Vigneault is an NHL coach. The Rangers may have just signed him to an extension, but the personnel use in this situation was enough to send his ass packing IMO. To be honest, his lines and matchups... Continue Reading →


John Tavares Breaks From His Robotic Answers And Says He “Absolutely” Hates The Rangers. Welcome To The Club Cap! Oh JT, The Entire Franchise Hangs On This Season. No Pressure. Right?!

Hockey season is here!!! The first games have taken place and the season has begun. The Blackhawks scored more points in one game versus the Pens than they did for all of the 2016 playoffs. McDavid and Matthews continue to redefine the modern game. Picking up right where the left off and the Rangers?! Well,... Continue Reading →

Projected NYR Lineup

Although The New York Rangers season debut isn't until tomorrow against the AVs, hockey is finally upon us. Today is the day we have been anxiously waiting for since May 9th. If this video doesn't get you pumped up for tomorrow, I'm not sure what will. Since the deflation we all experienced with our playoff... Continue Reading →

Could the Rangers land Kerfoot?

With Alexander Kerfoot hitting the free agency pool after opting out of signing with the New Jersey Devils (who could blame him?), the question looms where will he sign?   Larry Brooks reported today, that the rangers are one of the finalist in consideration of Kerfoot. Kerfoot has strongly been speculated to lean towards his hometown... Continue Reading →

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