Nick Leddy – Elite Defenseman #Yup

Jaysusmaryandjoseph, have ya seen this kid?! The Islanders closest thing to a number 1 defenseman has been tearing shit up! The 26 year-old was off to a slow start in the early part of the season. his tally of a donut for goals and 2 assists in 9 games left many, including me, wondering why... Continue Reading →


John Tavares Breaks From His Robotic Answers And Says He “Absolutely” Hates The Rangers. Welcome To The Club Cap! Oh JT, The Entire Franchise Hangs On This Season. No Pressure. Right?!

Hockey season is here!!! The first games have taken place and the season has begun. The Blackhawks scored more points in one game versus the Pens than they did for all of the 2016 playoffs. McDavid and Matthews continue to redefine the modern game. Picking up right where the left off and the Rangers?! Well,... Continue Reading →

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