So Max Domi Went Off The Rails Last Night. UPDATE: Suspended The Rest of Preseason.   I can guarantee you that’s something Alex Galchenyuk would never do. Max Domi took the ice for the Canadiens looking to not only make an impact, but make an impression. Was this gutless? I’d say so. It’s a preseason game and Ekblad didn’t want to go. I’m a big fan of the glove... Continue Reading →


Free Agency Frenzy- Questionable Signings

1) Karl Alzner- Montreal 5 years over 23 million   Did Marc Bergevin do it again or did Marc Bergevin fucking do it again. In the last year the Habs GM has shed exciting defensemen such as Subban Sergachev, Beaulieu and stockpiled a whose who of mediocre boring ass defensemen: Petry, Alzner, Schlemko, Benn, Davidson.... Continue Reading →

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