Kompany39: The Game, The Mindset and The Story of Professional Hockey Players


Over the past few months I have seen tweets, facebook posts, and snap chats involving a new, innovative hockey company bringing a fresh twist to the training game. Kompany39 is shining a light on the one aspect that many players ignore, the mindset. Founded by Matt Fornataro and Joey Diamond, Kompany39 brings us into the mind of the most elite hockey players on the planet.

At kompany39.com you can find Volume 1, a great tool for every hockey player at any age. Joey Diamond and Matt Fornataro take us in to the mind of Joe Pavelski, the Captain of the San Jose Sharks and one of the best Americans to tie up a pair of skates, and what has made him so successful. The downloadable online package gives you a featured documentary about the player, a Mindset and Success e-book unique to each player, and an on-ice practice video with drills and explanation from the player himself.


Here is a great interview featuring Joe Pavelski, along with Brent Burns, Kevin Weekes, and Jeremy Roenick.


You know how everyone says that every person in the world is connected by the 6 degrees of separation? Well the hockey world so often feels more like 3 degrees. Anyone who grew up playing hockey knows that the hockey world is very small. Throughout my hockey career I got to play with some very special players; one of those being Joey Diamond. Joey was an exceptional hockey player and was probably the toughest player I know, besides myself of course. After his college years in Maine and his pro career in the ECHL and AHL, Joey along with Matt Fornataro, decided to bring an unique aspect of the game to those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to call the game we love “a job.” To get to the next level in any sport requires a lot of training. Athletes spend hours in the gym lifting weights, doing the sprints, and watching film. But as sports continue to evolve, there is a new level of training that is becoming more and more popular, called mental training. Having the right mindset is a huge factor in being successful at the next level and what better way to learn about the right mindset than the pros who dominate the game at the highest level? Kompany39 has introduced a product that delivers just that.

Now this isn’t just a plug for a friend. This blog was written because I believe in what Kompany39 is doing. When you get older and your hockey career is over, you start to appreciate the talent it takes to play at the highest level and the mentality it takes to truly be the best in the world. Volume 1, featuring Joe Pavelski, would be a great gift for your little one who is just starting to play some serious hockey or for all the coaches out there to help understand a part of the game that gets so often ignored or just all you hockey nerds like myself. Haven spoken to Joey about his new career as one of the heads of Kompany39, I can tell you that this is just the beginning. The future is bright and we will see a lot more from this company in the future. Joe Pavelski is just the start, because the pros know it more than anyone. What separates the great players from the good players is all mental, even in the NHL. Kompany39 is bringing that aspect to life and educating the hockey world about what it takes to become the very best.

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