A Wild-ly Awkward Obsession

The Minnesota Wild’s official Twitter account released a photo today. The photo as one can see is of the pants to be worn with the reverse retro jerseys released late last year. They look amazing, I won’t sit here and say they don’t look phenomenal. I do however have an issue. That’s not their history.

Any hockey fan with a decent book of knowledge knows the story of the Minnesota North Stars. A trash owner in Norm Green essentially drove the North Stars to the bottom. So far down that they ended up in Texas. It was no surprise either. Green faced a sexual assault charge and his wife made the demand that the team and Green relocate or she was ready to the marriage off. Another major reason for the move, poor attendance.

The “State of hockey” just didn’t want to see a losing NHL franchise. They stopped showing up and the team left town. The Dallas Stars were born and the history of the North Stars went to the Lone Star State as well, so why are the Minnesota Wild using the North Stars colors on their reverse retro jerseys? More so, why are the stars on the pants that of the now Stars? Why is a franchise with no history outside of ending careers insisting on deriving their past from a standing franchise?

Radek Faksa takes the ice against the Minnesota Wild in the retro jersey representing the Stars inaugural season in Dallas. (Photo: Amanda Spielberger)

It feels a lot like an awkward breakup. An extremely awkward breakup. “Alexa, play Obsessed by Mariah Carey.”

The North Stars left town in 1993. They didn’t win a Stanley Cup before they left. The Dallas Stars however did. They also retired numbers. Those numbers still hang in the rafters of the American Airlines Center. Some with the North Star “N” logo and color pattern. Do you see how weird it seems now? A current team is using the same colors that hang in another teams rafters. Now they are using the shape of the star on their breezers as the Wild Twitter team so cheekily called them. How cute.

In summary, Minnesota Wild. That is not your history. Those are not your colors. Those are not your breezers. They belong to Dallas, but for the sake of sounding bitter. Keep them. The banners of the retired numbers I spoke of earlier, the ones with the North Stars logo and the same colors you will soon wear, they fit really well next to our two Western Conference Championship banners. Oh and the Stanley Cup one as well.
On second thought, wear the colors. They might bring you some luck. Cheers.

Author: Fink

Stood in an elevator with Jere Lehtinen once. Full-time freelancer in all things media. Beer League Black Ace and big-time locker room glue guy.

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