The Dumbest Chant in Hockey

The Dallas Stars currently sit chasing the Carolina Hurricanes 3-4. I am sitting in the arctic tundra known as Dallas, Texas where the current wind chill sits right at 17 degrees. It’s cold. I love it. What I don’t love? Please, let me tell you,

I am watching the Stars game on television at home in an undisclosed manner because the local Fox Sports affiliate has forced my hand due to streaming piss contests with Sinclair Broadcast and streaming services. No help from the NHL Network because why would I pay hundreds of dollars just to have the home games blacked out? No wonder the league is losing billions. Get bent you little hobbit Bettman.

What’s got me cranky is not any of this. It’s Stars fans and their “Cheeky” chant they scream after the hero Jeff K behind the mic announces the opposing teams goals, time of the goal, and who assisted on the goal. “WHO CARES?” In this case the announcement comes after the division rival twitter sweetheart Hurricanes have firmly planted themselves back in the lead thanks to a broken down defensive play. What better way to stick it to the team that just took the lead and momentum? We should definitely always yell “Who cares?” right? Wrong. So very wrong.

You know who cares? I do. The fans that are watching the game at home, seeing that the score is now no longer favoring the home team Stars, they care. The people on social media that seemingly know what is happening on the ice, they probably care. Head coach Rick Bowness likely cares a bit. I would go as far as to assume that the Dallas Stars themselves like Jamie Benn, Joe Pavelski, and even Anton Khudobin care. Maybe I don’t know. I think so.

There are some silly crowd interactions. The wave at baseball games. The kiss cam. Dance battles. All can be in good fun because even if the home team is losing, it’s a distraction from the sadness, but this chant. This just oozes a cringe-y type reaction that the away fans and team likely hear and become easily bewildered with. I know it won’t stop. Stars fans think it’s cute.

News flash. It’s not cute. It’s sad.

Oh well. Who cares?

Author: Fink

Stood in an elevator with Jere Lehtinen once. Full-time freelancer in all things media. Beer League Black Ace and big-time locker room glue guy.

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