Do The Hurricanes Have Fun?

The answer is yes. They go on many team bonding activities. The latest? The team went Go Karting in Wednesday. When they have days off, the team goes out to have fun every now and again. Last season they went golfing and went to Top Golf.

“It’s definitely nice to have a little mental break. Especially to come out and do something fun like this, it’s been a blast,” Jordan Martinook, the day’s second-best racer, shared. “We have a lot of guys with kids, so to get away for an afternoon and have fun with each other is what it’s all about.”

You can definitely tell they have fun and it’s a great way to let loose and get to know each other off the ice. I love that the team loves to bond and have fun.

Author: Caniac27

Hockey fan. Love the fights as long as no one gets hurt. Dancer. Love country, and writing.

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