Canucks Attack a Kraken Opening Night

The Seattle Kraken have officially played their first ever game in front of a sold out crowd in the city of Seattle. It was well worth the wait for the leagues 32nd and newest team with an extremely entertaining first game. In a game that was controlled heavily by the home team, they came up short in the end.


The night started like an ordinary home opener with fans on their feet greeting the team’s players both new and old. In this case, they were, of course, all new. However, this home opener was extra special. The Seattle Kraken chose to retire the number 32 in honor of them being the 32nd team currently in the NHL. This was a pleasant surprise and a unique way to start as an organization. Moments later the puck dropped…

The new Climate Pledge Arena was alive and engulfed in a sea of blue. The crowd immediately made goaltender Phillip Grubauer at home after cheering “GRUUUUUUB” after a few impressive saves. In an exciting fast paced game with a lot of chances, the fans only had to wait until the final seconds of the first period to receive its first goal by defenseman, Vince Dunn. A goal that will be etched in the history books

The Kraken ended the first period in their first home game with the lead. Seattle continued their solid play the whole game as the first time they played from behind was 56 minutes into the game. Defenseman, Carson Soucy took a bad penalty to let the Canucks tie it up 2-2. Moments later, he then fumbled the puck on a play that allowed Vancouver Canucks forward Connor Garland go on a breakaway and take the lead. The Canucks were able to hold on and keep the lead for the remaining 4 minutes to hand the Seattle Kraken their first loss at home. 


Captain Mark Giordano came up with a big goal in the beginning of the third period that gave the Kraken their second lead of the game which looked to be the game winner for a large portion of the third period.

Of course, until the Canucks had other plans.

The Kraken scored just two goals on Saturday. Both goals came from Defensemen…  Not good… That is a huge factor of why they were unable to defeat the Canucks. The chances were there, but the forwards couldn’t find the back of the net. 

Once again, the offense will come. They were shooting the puck and getting the chances, the offense will come as they get more confident and comfortable with each other. Just something to continue to watch. Especially, because the lines are continuing to shift.


The Seattle Kraken’s home arena is a thin of beauty. It has 2 unique jumbotrons on each end of the ice instead of one square in the middle. At center ice, they have lines of anchors, the anchors placed on the shoulder of their jersey, embedded into red line. When asked about the two jumbotron system, players from each team said that’s definitely something that threw them off and will be something that will take time to get used to. Once they do get used to it, I think it’ll grow on them. Here are some other great touches on what to expect in their home arena:

The Kraken are now currently on a 4 game home stand. Seattle’s next challenge comes tomorrow against the Montreal Canadiens at 7 PT (10pm ET).

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