Logan Brown and the Blues Strike the Lightning

Last night was special. Not many teams can rally and come back after being down 3-0. The Lightning come to town and Brian Elliot the “moose” caller gets the start against his former team. Tampa Bay opens the scoring two minutes into the game with a wild tip in. The second goal came on a power play goal from Corey Perry. Following that was one of the wonkiest goals I have ever seen. Erik Cernak gets one of the face off thanks to a wicked ricochet off the glass.

After the first period the Lightning failed to score. Jordan Binnington and the Blues came out of the locker room with something to prove. 24 straight saves for Binnington; throw out the first period and its a shutout. Ryan O’Reilly is starting to look like he enjoys hockey again after getting the scoring started. Jordan Kyrou deserves more credit because the stop and go play he makes with the puck before putting it on a platter is absolutely filthy. Not many players can stop on a dime like Kyrou talk about elite.

The next goal is one that Blues fans should remember for a long time. The hometown kid Logan Brown gets his first goal in his Blues debut. I can’t wait to continuously see this clip playing as a commercial for NHL TV.

The Blues kept coming and eventually got the game tying goal on a power play from Barbashev. Scott Perunovich gets his third assist on the year with a beautiful feed. How do you send this kid back to the AHL? He continues to look like he belongs on the first defensive pair and is thriving on the power play.

Nothing happened in overtime so we go to everybody’s favorite way to settle hockey games: the shootout. Ryan O’Reilly gets the shootout winner and really starting to look like himself following the covid slump. Listen to him talk about how they rallied back from a three goal deficit.

The only thing I would have changed about this game is the commentators. Great for the NHL to be on ESPN which helps grow the game of hockey. But for hockey fans the NHL on ESPN has been the opposite of entertaining. Talk about a snooze fest! TNT is absolutely crushing the sports game right now. Who would have thought TNT would be better than ESPN for sports!?

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