Stormy From Australia: Nathan Walker

If Nathan Walker was a truck he’d be diesel. He is not afraid to get dirty. He’s a sixth gear player who has no intention to down shift. Rev it up to 5000 RPMs and drop that clutch is the best way to describe Stormy…

The Welsh born Australian attends training camp with the Washington Capitals. In 2013 Walker signs AHL contract with Hersey. Four years later he makes his Capitals debut and becomes the first Australian to play in the NHL. After his brief stint with the Caps he was picked up off waivers by the Oilers but only played two games. Before coming to the Blues he was re-acquired by the Caps in 2018 and part of that Stanley Cup winning roster. Last season Walker played five games with the Blues finishing with one goal one assist and four penalty minutes. This season he scored his first hat trick.

The Blues recent success has earned St. Louis a playoff spot. Injuries and COVID have been a burden all season long but that is hockey. This is why you sign guys like Nathan Walker who can step up when called upon. Keep Stormy around I think he deserves a spot on the roster.

Read more about last night’s OT loss against the Bruins. Brownie breaks it down right here!

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