Will Vegas Miss The Playoffs

Three games left and three playoff spots remain in the Western Conference. The Eastern Conference playoffs have been set but we await to see what happens in the West. LA, Nashville, Dallas, and Vegas are the final four teams looking to get in. The Kings sit at 96 points and have two games remaining. With six points ahead of Vegas its looking like LA will secure the third seed in the Pacific. Vegas has to win out and LA has to lose their last two games in order for things to change in the Pacific. This leaves the two wildcard spots where Nashville and Dallas sit at 94 and 93 points; each have three games left to play. Will Vegas miss the playoffs for the first time in franchise history?

The Golden Knights gave up a 4-2 lead in the third and lost in the shootout. The Sharks have been eliminated from playoff contention but playing spoiler is exactly what they plan to do after holding Vegas to just one point. The last three games for Vegas are all on the road and the path to the playoffs just got even worse. Dallas is the next game on Tuesday and the Stars are still looking to punch their ticket to the playoffs.

Many teams are rooting against Vegas. The Golden Knights might have more enemies than friends. Sitting at $21 million over the cap if they don’t make the playoffs that would be pretty concerning. It’s like Vegas is a poor man’s Tampa Bay. How can you have so many star players be so far over the cap and still miss the playoffs? Tuesday’s game against the Stars is arguably the biggest game in franchise history…

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