Jordan Kyrou Gets Eight More Years in STL

Remember the days when the Blues jersey to own was Oshie or Backes?

Times have changed, the Tarasenko jersey was hot for a while but lost a little flair after requesting a trade. Maybe you picked up that O’Reilly sweater after falling back in love with hockey. Perron actually signed a contract with a team that isn’t St. Louis. Look out for the Red Wings with all those ex Blues on the squad this year they are going to be scary. Anyways, if you are looking for some new Blues threads go grab a Thomas or Kyrou jersey because these kids are staying in the Lou. The old news is the eight-year contract Robert Thomas signed back in July. The new news is Jordan Kyrou signs the exact same eight-year contract exactly two months later.

Other players around the league who received eight-year contracts this offseason: Filip Forsberg at $68 million with the Nashville Predators and Tim Stutzle at $66.8 million with the Ottawa Senators. J.T. Miller gets a seven-year $56 million contract extension to stay in Vancouver. Tage Thompson (who was part of the trade that sent Ryan O’Reilly to the Blues) signs seven-year contract extension to stay in Buffalo at $50 million. Nazem Kadri signs seven-year contract worth $49 million with the Calgary Flames. The list continues to go on but all of these guys had career years last season and earned the bag just like Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou.

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