Brad Marchand Playing Knockout is Exactly What You’d Expect it to be Hahaha, classic. I love the reaction from the teammates. The “Ohhhh, yeah saw that one coming.” Of course Marchand is going to send Krugs shot to Timbuktu. Why? Because winners do everything they possibly can to win. To everyone who hates on this move and says this is cheating, take a lap. There is... Continue Reading →


Video of Player Attacking Another Player on the ice is the Most Gutless Thing I’ve Seen in a Long Time Saw this video today and I cannot believe it. What was this kid thinking? Is this what temporary insanity looks like? I keep watching it wondering what was going through his mind. This video is terrible and the wild part is that it could’ve been worse. The second chop JUST misses the kids neck.... Continue Reading →

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