Who is The Most Overpaid Player in The NHL?

I asked the boys of The Morning Skate this question and they all got back to me. So without further ado, here are our most overpaid players.


Ked- Marc Staal




Marc, You are the reason I drink. You are the reason I live to forget.. 6 yr(s) / $34,200,000 equates to a 5.7 AAV for the Red Headed Stepchild of Thunder Bay, Marc Staal. At 6’4 215, Staal really knows how to use his frame:


ALSO- you better not piss off Marc, the guy has been known to throw a ruthless uppercut:


Last year in 72 games, the guy posted an incredible 10 points!! Calm down hockey hardos, I’m aware that he’s not an “offensive” defenseman but I’d argue that he’s not a defensive one either. Marc Staal is no better than a cone you see on the side of the interstate that they are paving that day. He can’t skate, he can’t defend, he CAN’T PLAY HOCKEY. To be honest, Marc Staal could make 1 million dollars, HELL HE COULD PAY ME TO PLAY ON MY TEAM, and I’d still call him the most overpaid player in the league. I’m a second line beer league player and I’m confident I could get around him 2 out of 10 times on 1 on 1’s and HE’S IN THE NHL. The moment he’s no longer a New York Ranger is my own personal ‘94.

Dear Marc, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes! Love, Ked.


Hal- Ryan Callahan




Pound for pound, I would argue Rochesters own Ryan Callahan has the worst contract in the NHL. In the summer of 2014, Callahan signed a 6 year $34,800,000 contract, which gives him a cap hit of 5.8 mil per year. Not to mention the first 4 years of that contract, including this upcoming year, have a no movement clause. Lets look in and see his product since signing the contract:

callahan stats.png

12 points in 41 playoff games. 28 points in his last full season. And now, injury problems. Who could have predicted this? Uh fucking everyone except Stevie Y. An undersized guy who throws his body around and is 90 percent heart and 10 percent skill has had injury issues and a decline in production on the wrong side of 30? NO SHIT. For a small market franchise that typically doesn’t shell out top dollar (unless you’re a former ranger who ate pucks for a living so John Tortorella didn’t take you in the basement and whip you with his belt) this was a dumb signing.


Howie- Carl Soderberg




There are plenty of overpaid players in the NHL today, but at least guys like Derek Stepan put up some sort of points/production. Some other guys not so much. So here is my, “what the fuck is this team doing” segment. I know some contracts are being paid to guys and they don’t even play in the NHL or some sort of shit like that. I will keep it to players who played last season and I figured I would try and throw something out there a little different than the typical Rick Nash or Staal brother. My target this week is shit sack Carl Soderberg of the Colorado Avalanche.

Soderberg, who used to be a solid depth player for the Bruins throwing up about a point every other game had the absolute worst season of his career last year. He had fourteen points in 80 games. Wow that is absolutely terrible, especially when you find out the damn guy is cashing checks totaling $4.75 Million! Dear god, that is absolutely gross. Wanna make it an even better dick punch? How about the fact that he went dash 26 last year. That’s basically Ovechkin back in the day…well not really because at least Ovi puts pucks in the net.

So Carl I just want to say that you sir are my overpaid dud of the week. If he could get back to his 40+ point totals he had for three straight seasons then I am completely okay with his pay grade, but holy shit not at fourteen points and minus twenty six. This should have buyout, trade, cut, you name it written all over it. But probably not likely seeing as Joe Sakic is not the sharp shooter he once was as a player when it comes to the GM department.

Honorable Mention

Matt Beleskey

Salary: $3.8 Million

Points last season: 8

Games played: 49

+/-: -10



Jon- Dustin Brown




Dustin Brown who was once a perennial 50 point scorer, physical presence, and captain of the LA Kings is now just a shade of his former self. Brown is one of the perfect examples of a team putting too much investment and years into a player’s contract who they thought would be a mainstay of 50 points and leadership. In 2013 the Kings signed brown for $47M over 8 years, and now they are stuck with this toothless meat head.
Ever since his contract extension brown’s play has been on the decline in all aspects he was revered for prior, but the Kings forked over money to a guy they’ve had faith in since they drafted him 13th overall in 2003. Brown hasn’t returned the favor. This past season was this first time Brown put up more than 30 points since the ’11-’12 season, when he led the Kings to their first ever Stanley cup title.

With his declining play and leadership, the Kings stripped Brown of his captaincy in ’16. Brown was pretty vocal with the media on his disappointment with the Kings decision to strip his captaincy, Brown was also vocal about the Kings desire to trade him. I personally would want to be rid of that garbage too, so I don’t blame the Kings there. Browns play or lack there of, bloated contract for a 25-30 point scorer, and criticism of the organization he’s spent his whole career with doesn’t make him a hot commodity on the market.



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