Matt Duchene Caption Contest

It’s September 14 and Matt Duchene has officially reported to camp.

“Guys, to start, I’m not taking any questions right now. I’m here to honor my contract, I’m here for respect of the fans, and I’m here for my teammates. I had a great summer training and I’m in good physical condition, so thanks so much I’ll see you in the next couple days, OK?”
I really feel for this guy. The past two years GM Joe Sakic has really hosed him around. As a player this HAS to effect your confidence. One day you think you’re being traded and the next day you’re being held against your will. It’s sort of like “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” except Sakic missed the memo and thinks “We don’t negotiate with terrorists anybody.” 
We talked about Duchene for a bit on last weeks podcast, and I can’t help but respect what he’s doing. He clearly doesn’t want to be there. He’s there for his teammates and nobody can take that away from him. Oh, he’s also there for the 6 million he’ll make this year. 
Anyways, this picture is hilarious. Let’s hear what you guys have to say.
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.11.55 PM.png

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