Roman Polak’s Return Has Many Fans Excited

OK, I admit I didn’t think I was get going to get too excited about the first day of training camp but something changed. Yes everybody, the Leafs brought back THE GRIT GRINDER himself Roman Polak. Well, they signed him to a PTO (professional tryout) at least. Now I realize this doesn’t make news on most blogs, but as yo know I love these types of players.

Now if we objectively look at Polak, maybe he isn’t a game breaker, he may not even be in the lineup on a regular basis. He may not even get a contract, but what he will bring is some toughness on D when it’s needed. If you follow people like @drcoolsexy or the feisty  @LeafsMack09 you can see the excitement he brings to hardcore grit grinder hockey fans.

It was also announced that there would be no captain this year but I think most of us knew that.

Leafs PR released the list of players. That’s an incredible number of players to go through. So I’ll just leave this here.


Leafs Team.jpeg


Before camp started, here are the lines that I thought might be penciled in for game 1 at the very least.





Leivo – extra skater




Marincin- Holl – Extra D

If Polak does get his contract, I would replace Holl with Polak. Also I have Marincin in as an extra D only because Babcock seems to like him for some reason.

BTW, I heard Ron Hainsey in an interview today on leafs Lunch and he is awesome! Super funny guy.

Also a big shout out to the younger hockey fans who are also stoked about Polak’s return.

Now it’s just a matter of time to see how wrong I am about the lineup when the season starts. 🙂


#CousinEddieLeafs #budsallday

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