Could Andreas Borgman Be A #GritGrinder For The Leafs?

Hey everybody, it seems that a rookie at camp, Andreas Borgman, is catching the eye of a lot of people with his physicality. Seeing as most of the other blue liners aren’t really big hitters, it could be something the Leafs will be adding to their blue line this season. (In addition to Polak)

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see as much of him as I’d like, but what I have seen, I’ve really liked. It seems I’m not the only one.

He really impressed many fans with a big hit on Evan Rodrigues.

I will admit before camp got started, I had Dermott-Carrick slotted 5 and 6, with Marincin and Holl/(Polak) as the 7/8D options. After watching just a couple of preseason games (yes it’s early), it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was Dermott-Borgman as that bottom pair. I think the only thing stopping that is their lack of NHL experience. I know the Leafs aren’t afraid to play rookies but I think on defence, they want at least one guy in the pair to have a little more pro experience.

I liked this take as hot as it was:

Another possibility could be Rosen, who has a few years of pro experience, playing with Borgman on the third pair. I know that Babcock does like his LD/RD combos. HOWEVER, Babcock does love his grinders and with Borgman that would give the Leafs 4 or 5 depending on how you see Kadri.

Before tonight’s game, here’s a question you could ask yourself, or any other #Leafs Twitter hockey puck:


Enjoy the game tonight when the Leafs visit the Sabres. Even though it seems like forever since they’ve won there, hopefully they can pull off a win. And if they don’t, try not to get too mad, it’s only game! ๐Ÿ™‚




#CousinEddieLeafs #Budsallday

Coming soon: An article about analytics, Martin Marincin and Roman Polak. (Fun with numbers? Not really.)

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