ACHA Beauty of The Week: Addison Collins of West Virginia University

Real quick, I just wanted to say thank you for everybody who submitted a nominee. They were all great but we can only name one ACHA Beauty of The Week. Having said that, I’ll still highlight a few entries that were certainly noticeable.


Addison Collins, West Virginia University, CHMA

Addison Collins is perhaps the most deserving player for the Beauty of The Week, mostly due to his long, flowing locks of hair. In addition to his luscious locks, he also has a stellar smile and skates with all the grace of a ballerina but on ice (which is very commendable, I’m a ballerina and I’m a horrible ice skater). His locks are even more impressive when he skates, as you can watch them flowing in the breeze behind him. See attached photos, courtesy of me, Rachel Powell. Please consider Addison and his luscious locks as your first Beauty of the Week.



Holy lettuce. I haven’t seen hair this long on a hockey player since Mike Ricci.




3 reasons why Addison is the ACHA Beauty of The Week.

  1. Your girl Rachel took time and effort to come up with a paragraph depicting why you should win the award. Other readers- Take notes. I want an email with emotion. Rachel probably spent all day choreographing this email and for that I say Thank you. Rachel, super ferda.
  2. Tim Hortons > Any other chain in the world. If you don’t roll the rim and purchase some timbits then you my friend need to take several laps.
  3. GIF. WHAT A GIF. Can already tell that Addison is a fan favorite down in Morgantown and I, along with John Denver, would like to say thank you.

Rachel, I’ll have Biz Dev Dale get into contact with you within the next couple days so we can get this process underway for Addison.



Cullen Clougherty, Saint Anselm College, NECHA

FullSizeRender (3).jpg


Handlebar city, population you bro. As an ex-ACHA player, there were two times I would really look forward to going to the rink. 1- Warm ups. As a fourth liner with next to zero skill, this is wear I’d send about 20 pucks glass and out and get about 3 feet from the net to make sure I’d hit cross-bar at least once. 2- Team pictures. Team pictures are where you can showcase whatever goods you may provide the team. The Handlebar mustache is a facial hair set up that takes time to master and demands respect. Everyone has that one crazy uncle at Christmas that shows up with a Handlebar stache and a 30 rack of Busch Light. He’s a guy that’s going to have some fun but you sure as hell shouldn’t cross him. Cullen, Kudos to you.


Jon Lovorn, Alabama University


The fact that this is a better broadcast than the Sabres, Hurricanes and Canucks combined is laugh out loud funny. We’re talking different angles, slow motion cellys– I’m truly blown away. Anyways, I’m a HUGE PK guy. Best times in practice were when you could shut down the “skilled” players and talk a bunch of shit in the process. Lovorn comes in, hesitates to blow the goalies mind and then rightfully buries to take the lead. My only criticism? The Celly was decent, ice sweep was on par but to be honest we need some better jumps into the pile. You need to make the other team hate themselves afterwards and that’s all about being as obnoxious as you can possibly be. All in all, awesome goal for sure but have to clean up the theatrics afterwards. B+.


First week? Not to bad. Loved the spirit that you ACHA guys and girls put into this. Can’t wait to see what more we get in the future.


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