Leafs Roster And My Predictions

Hey everybody, just a short post about

A) What my predictions were for the lineup before training camp and

B) My predictions for where I think the eastern conference teams will end up by the end of the season.

Forward lines that I predicted before camp:





Leivo – extra skater




Marincin- Holl – Extra D

Where did I go wrong?

Forwards: I did not anticipate Fehr having as good of a camp as he did. Looks like he will be 4C based on recent practices. However, I was right in thinking they would keep Leivo as an extra F and still haven’t moved the guy.

Defence: Seems I underestimated the Swedes. In my defence, like most of you, I didn’t see them play once before camp. So take out Dermott, who needs another with the Marlies and Holl is sent down to the AHL club too. I was right in thinking that Babcock would hang on to my buddy Marincin. I think I have an irrational hatred of this player now (as a player, not a person). I love that I was wrong about Borgman. Looks like he’ll be starting to Carrick’s left Wednesday night in Winnipeg. I don’t think this statement is too far off by the way.

As for Leafs Big 3, here are my predictions for points:

Matthews 45 G 35 A 80 points

Nylander  30 G 40 A 70 points

Marner     25 G 45 A 70 points

OK now part B- My predictions for the Eastern Conference teams at season’s end.

Atlantic Division








Red Wings

I’m very confident in where the Lightning and the Leafs will land. As for the other teams, the Sens, Habs, Bruins and Sabres could all be switched around. Depends on things like how long will Karlsson be out, how much does Buffalo’s D improve and how much trouble do that Habs have scoring. Bruins have a lot of good young players. Panthers and Red Wings, I’m pretty sure they will be at the bottom. I hope somehow the Leafs meet the Habs in the playoffs. It’s very possible with the Leafs coming in at 2nd and the Habs potentially at 3rd.

Metropolitan Divisioin


Blue jackets







As far as I’m concerned everyone in between the Rangers and the Hurricanes is a crap shoot. I find the Rangers always leave you wanting more, Islanders are always inconsistent, the Flyers have potential but I’m not sure about their scoring and the Hurricanes could come in third with all their young talent and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Playoffs teams?

Atlantic                                         Metroplitan

TBL                                                 Pens

TML                                                CBJ

Sens                                                NYR

Habs                                               Caps

Should be interesting to see in April how close or how far off this actually is.

I’m sure all of you are just as excited as I am for the season to get on it’s way. About time right? For the rest of the season, my posts will focus on Leafs week in review and the grit grinder of the week. #GoLeafsGo

From you knucklehead hockey puck

#CousinEddieLeafs #budsallday

Art work by @DarthAlexander9

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