Leafs Fans Emotions Are Up And Down Like A Toilet Seat

Hey everybody. What a week to recap. That first game was something eh? At first I thought the Leafs were screwed showing way too much respect for the Blackhawks when they got down 2 zip. The goals went in by a couple of lucky bounces, but still, not looking that great.

Starting in the second, the team started coming on and looking like the squad we saw in the first two games. Zaitsev getting two goals, and last week’s GRIT GRINDER OF THE WEEK, Connor Brown, potted another one. The wildest part of the game was the OT and that beauty of wrister from Matthews that won the game. I can’t tell you the amount of times I say to myself, ‘I can’t believe the Leafs got Matthews! My God he’s so good!’

The second game was against the New Jersey Devils. I watched them earlier in the week and they are a much improved team the way the beat the Sabres’ ass 6-2. Well, they pretty much did the same thing to the Leafs. It seemed like the Leafs never did really got off to a great start and it just went downhill after the first period. It looked like they couldn’t get any flow going in their game.


Instead of looking at the goals, I just want to focus on the penalties. There were 16 God damn penalties in the game. It feels like the whole game was either your team is on the power play or killing penalties. I get the fact that they want to cut down on slashing, but they aren’t using any judgment and they call everything that is even close to a slash.

The league better get this under control because the games are starting to become unwatchable special teams events. Almost like a special teams all star game. This really pisses me off because it feels like another attempt by the NHL to create what I call ‘false offense’.

Game vs Habs

When I started seeing that some players were announcing that they had the flu, I could feel the excuses from Habs fans coming on. They should have no excuses though, because as long as Price is in net, well he’s the whole team, so it doesn’t matter who else is sick.

First of all, what a nice change to see that the amount of penalties, for both teams, was way down. The game had way better flow and was much better to watch. Now visually it was better to watch, but to have to listen to Hughson and Simpson have an erection for whomever the Leafs are playing that night is getting to be a bit ridiculous.

Auston Matthews once again is showing why he was a first overall pick. He’s also showing  why it shouldn’t even have been a discussion as to who was getting picked first, him or that other guy in Winnipeg. Both goals on Price made one of the best goalies in the league look average! I love this tweet from Cpl Matthews.


My Grit Grinder of the week goes to Zach Hyman. As everyone knows, he’s a mucker and a grinder in the corners, creates space for Matthews and Nylander and he’s relentless in pursuing the puck the whole time he’s on the ice. He’s got the two goals but what he lacks in point production, he makes up in other ways.

He is the epitome of a grit grinder. Basically for any other player on the Leafs to make my Grit Grinder of the week, they have to beat out Hyman otherwise, he would be it all the time. It’s not often that you see a player go hard each and every shift, no matter what the score or circumstances in the game.

When I look back I just think ‘What a week!’ I don’t know about you, but this team brings my emotions so high up when they are playing great, and then quickly back down to earth again when they have defensive breakdowns. Or as the old expression goes, ‘Up and down like a toilet seat!’

The following perfectly reasonable tweets show how we can go from being sick of the defensively poor Bozak line to the high of the Matthews goal in overtime.

This week the Leafs play in Washington on Tuesday, at home vs the Red Wings on Wednesday and the in Ottawa on Saturday night to play the Sens. Well, at least Melnick will know the Sens will well out that night because the Leafs are in town. yeah that’s right, i said it!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that keep sending me messages of support after each piece that I’ve put out. My goal here is just to give my thoughts about what I see about the Leafs and I try to do it in as casual a way as possible. I’m just a regular dude giving his opinions and I don’t pretend to be anything else. Oh, and sometimes I swear. I can tolerate a respectful disagreement, but if yer gonna be an asshole, you can FUCK OFF.

Have a great week and Go Leafs Go!

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday


Artwork by @DarthAlexander9

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