TBL vs DET: Quick Take

That’s more like the Red Wings team I was expecting to see this season. An offense that shows flashes but lacks depth in firepower and a defense that’s just plain bad overall. I get they wanted to give Witkowski a shot to play against his former team, but now can we please send this guy to back to the AHL. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a nailgun on the team as much as the next guy but they have to at least be capable of playing 4th line minutes. I’m sure he’s a great guy but that’s a roster spot I’d rather see occupied by Svechnikov or Bertuzzi when he’s healthy.

Jonathan Ericsson has to be the worst value in the NHL. The guy makes $4.25 million and the only weapon he has is a cannon of a shot which he rarely uses. I literally get angry watching him play hockey. Say what you will about the Stephen Weiss signing, but he costs half of Ericsson’s salary and at least he’s not giving up goals like this:

4 wins through 6 games is a good start but some of those were against low quality opponents like Arizona and Vegas. Unless guys like Ericsson, Kronwall and Witkowski are replaced by better players like Hicketts, Russo and Svechnikov then we’re in for a long season. By the way I love Kronwall, the guy has been a warrior for a long time but he’s playing on one knee and it’s hard to watch.

Next up is the high flying Leafs on Wednesday and aside from them starting McElhinney and coming off a back to back I don’t like the chances of the Wings getting a point in Toronto. Logically I hope the Wings get a high lottery pick this year but when the games start I still can’t root for them to lose. It’s a new feeling since aside from last year, they’ve been cup contenders my entire life. Can you say Rasmus Dahlin please?

Projected lines vs Toronto:











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