A Leafs Blog NOT About Auston Matthews And FUCK THE SENS

Hey everybody, we’ve already watched another great fucken week of Leafs hockey. The Leafs started off with a 2-0 shutout against the Capitals which answered a big question many had in the media. Could the Leafs win a low scoring game when they needed to?

I really thought the score was going to be close, and it was but maybe around 4-3 or 5-4, so when it was scoreless going into the third, I was very impressed with the Leafs. Their ability to keep Ovi and the boys at bay was surprising to me.

Also, the Caps D wasn’t very good at all. If you remember in the first period, it looked like the Leafs could have scored about 3 goals with all of their scoring chances.

When one of the Leafs grit grinders, Connor Brown, scored in the third, then it was just a matter of hanging to the lead. Remember last year when we were always worried they would blow a lead? Well, not so much lately. Maybe these two Caps fans already knew that!

Kadri added and empty net goal at the end, Andersen had 30 saves for the shutout and the Leaf with the highest TOI was Zaitsev. You know, that player that so many thought was a bad idea to sign to an extension and now is looking like a steal? Yeah , that Zaitsev.

The second game saw the Leafs beat the Red Wings 6-3. Now THAT was more of what I expect when I watch a Leafs game. They went up 4-1, then lost some momentum and gave up two quick ones to make it 4-3, then came back with two more goals.

Curtis McElhinney was in net for that game. I thought he could have been better but didn’t think he was brutal or anything. I thought this tweet from Overdrive’s Bryan Hayes was pretty funny though.

CMac did have 30 saves, Hyman and Matthews were both +3 and, oh yeah, Zaitsev lead the Leafs in ice time AGAIN followed by Hainsey! Rielly picked up another 2 points for a total of 7 in 7 games. Seems like he’s been much more free to produce offensively since Hainsey’s been his partner. I’ll just leave this here.


Also during the week, we saw that some odds makers in Vegas have the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. Personally, I don’t put a lot into that. Leafs have a large fan base, a lot of those fans have money. It’s easy to put it all together.

We will have a much better idea of where they stand by January 1st. Also, this blog is not about Matthews because there are tons of those on the internet, but isn’t he JUST FUCKING AWESOME?! Anyway, onto the Sens game.

First of all. #FUCK THE SENS. BUT, I thought would be very interesting because you have a highly offensive team like the Leafs vs a very defensive team like the Sens. Well, we saw that hard work will beat out skill without the effort each time.

Without sounding like some kind of sore loser, I have to say that I fucken hate the trap and it should be outlawed.

Everyone knows I love Babcock, fuck just look at my avi, but their lack of preparedness was on him. They should have known what they were walking into. It was just like when they lost to the Devils. A young team that got overconfident and weren’t ready to go against a team that outworked them. Yes, they had a great third period, but they also gave up three more fucken goals.



My grit grinder of the week is an unlikely name. It’s Mitch Marner. He’s got first line talent but is currently on the fourth line. That doesn’t get him down though. The following tweet by Kristen Shilton pretty much sums up what I was going to say.

In my eyes, even if you’re having a hard time finding your groove, grinding it out until you do so means a lot.

Next Week: They play the Kings on Monday, the Hurricanes on Thursday and the Flyers on Saturday. All at home. They definitely have to outwork all those teams. Hopefully they learned something from last night.

If you have a loved one that is struggling with an illness like cancer or a mental illness, give them a call, I’m sure they would love to hear from you. #FUCKCANCER

Have a great week and #GoLeafsGo (and never forget #FUCKTHESENS)

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday



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