McDavid is Generational, Matthews is Elite and Eichel Has Curly Hair

Hey everybody, I’m back in between my usual ‘week in review’ with my take on what I think about  the comparisons between 97, 34 and 15.

First of all, I wanted to define a couple of things. Without finding one set definition of what the term generational means in terms of a hockey player, I’m going to assume based on the information I did gather that it means the best best player of that generation. In hockey terms that seems to be every ten years or so. So like Orr, then Gretzky, Lemieux (now these are a bit close together) then Crosby and finally McDavid.

In my sometimes not so humble opinion, to call McDavid generational is a lock. Just look at his play prior to the NHL, his 100 point total in his first full season, and the fact that he won the Hart, Art Ross and Ted Lindsay awards. He also made the NHL First All-Star team.

On top of all that, you just have to watch him when he’s on his game. He looks phenomenal with his speed and his ability to do what he can AT full speed. Now, if Auston Matthews comes anywhere near close to the point totals and awards, and there is a possibility that this happens, then we would have to re-examine this generational definition and ranking.

Auston Matthews I consider elite, and not generational, only because of what I said earlier regarding defining a generational player.  If not already, he’ll be a top 5 player in the league by the end of the season. At the time of me writing this he’s on pace for 72 goals, 52 assists for a total of 124 points.

So even if he goes into some kind of a slump, God forbid, he will still likely hit 100 points with most of those points being goals instead of assists. I put more value in goals, like most people, because you can get a goal without an assist but you can’t get an assist without a goal.

Now as for Jack Eichel, I kid of course by just saying that he has curly hair. He’s a great player and will take the Sabres franchise as far as it can go for the next 10 years or so. As we know, he has been given the power to fire coaches and GMs, so he may be the most powerful hockey player of the three!


This year he’s on pace for 36 goals, 64 assists for a total of 100 which a lot higher than I would have thought before looking at the numbers. I always loved this pic that @torontobaghead created when he was having some struggles last year.


OK enough about Eichel, here are some other stats to consider between Matthews and McDavid. (as of Monday October 23/17)

Since 16/17

Matthews         McDavid

Total goals                                                            47                     33

Even Strength Goals                                           38                     29

Game Winning Goals                                         10                       7

OT Goals                                                                  3                       1

Face Offs Won                                           47% of 1209           43% of 868


Blocks                                                                     67                       33

Takeaways                                                            84                        83

Now for power play points, McDavid is tied with Nylander at 29. But McDavid had 274 minutes while Nylander needed only 210 minutes to get to that number.You see where I’m going with all this?

The main point I’m trying to drive home here is from a Leafs fan’s perspective of course. When I see people ( OK 99% of these people are Oilers fans) being so arrogant as to say that Matthews isn’t anywhere NEAR as good as McDavid, well that’s just plain ridiculous. I really think those people really need to pull their heads out of their arses.

If I were that much of a ridiculous homer, and yes I am a homer, I would say Matthews is the generational player, of course just basing on the few games at the beginning of this season. However, after seeing those earlier stats, I’m starting wonder which is the generational player and which is elite?

Now do I think that the Leafs have a better overall team? You bet your ass I do!

If by reading any of my posts it feels like yer talkin’ to one of yer bahds about hockey, then my work here is done.


Have a good one!

CousinEddie#Leafs   #budsallday

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