Leafs vs Yotes. Matthews plays his 100th game.

Hey everybody, I’m back with a pregame post as Matthews gets ready to face his childhood team for his 100th career game. After tonight, you’ll see a lot of people with stats for Matthews that will start with: After 100 games…and then compare him to other Hall of Famers. I’m sure our buddy @oak_leafs will have a few dandies for us. maybe not exactly something like this:

I have joked plenty of times in the past how the Coyotes have been constructed by a GM that is very analytics-centric. The truth is, they are just downright bad with a couple of great players like OEL and Clayton Keller.

However, you can’t look past them like Sens and the Habs have. The Yotes have beat them both for a two game winning streak.


Leafs lineup for tonight will be :

Andersen will start. He has two shutouts in a row and my mentioning that doesn’t affect tonight. I wish I had that power, but I don’t.

The Coyotes lineup will be:







Ekman-Larsson – Demers



Players to watch for:

  • Clayton Keller leads all players with 11 goals and 18 points
  • Oliver Ekman-Larsson leads all players with 25:18 ATOI and is a -15
  • Almost every single player is a minus except for Duclair and Hanley at zero, so in other words they have been pretty bad so far this season.
  • Antti Raanta is 3 and 5, GAA 3.12 SV% .916 which isn’t too bad considering the team he has in front of him

The Leafs are going for their seventh win in a row and the Coyotes record is 4-15-3 for 11 points. So obviously the odds are in the Leafs’ favour. However, I still don’t think it’s guaranteed win night.

Not directly related to this game but I really liked this tweet from a couple of days ago.

This sums up tonight very well.

Have a good one.


CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday

Art work by @darthalexander9

PS: If there is anything that I don’t include in the pregame posts that you think most Leafs fans would want to know, let me know.

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