Billboard Guy – We Feel You – It Is Hard To Be An Islanders Fan

There is no questioning the loyalty of an Islanders fan. We have no bandwagon fans. The has never been a bandwagon to jump on for a good number of the fanbase. I cannot count myself among them. I have seen the highs of the 1980’s team that will never be equaled. I have also seen the 30 year rebuild that the team is on. The Millbury years, trading away top talent for what amounts to magic beans and fuk all success. The drafting of John Tavares was a moment that all Islanders fans of the time were given hope.

Let me say this, as Jeff Marek said, you are either in the wins business or the hope business. The Islanders have been in the hope business for a looonngg ass time and right now the fanbase is losing that hope. Tavares has yet to be signed, Snow will likely make zero moves at the trade deadline and the Isles allow as many goals as they score. In losing hope a fan recently started as we covered a GoFundMe program to put a billboard up on Flatbush to say that Snow must go. It sold out in less than two hours and enough donations poured in to fund another. If that ain’t a sign that you are losing your fans, I don’t know what is.

We as fans have lost hope. Even the Rangers brass sent out a “we’re sorry that we suck” letter to their fans. There are a handful of teams that should be sending that letter, The Rangers, The Coyotes, arguably the Senators and for damn sure the godforsaken Islanders. This team started the season with so much promise. Goals flooding in, the likely Calder winner in Mat Barzal racking up five point games at a rate that hasn’t been seen since Newsy LaLonde was on the ice against the likes of the brand new Rangers. That’s a century for those scoring at home. Unbelievable stats, that for any other team would be backed up by even subpar defense and goaltending. Not our Isles. Nope, the team cannot get their shit together enough to stem the flow of opposing goals, even when then led the NHL in goals for, for a huge chunk of the season.

I’m not saying that injuries have not played a significant part in the lack of D. In fact they have played a huge part. Most other teams, including veritable shit show teams like the hapless Buffalo Sabres have not only found a way to score lately, but win against the Islanders. That way cuts right through a defense that has no one, NO ONE, that puts the fear into an attacking offense. Sure there have been a few fists thrown lately by Ross Johnston. The acts were appreciated but the Isles D is missing the bite it had with Matt Martin and Travis Hamonic patrolling the blue line. Those gents were not afraid to throw a hip or an open ice hit when needed to scare opposing teams a bit. Now, the D just opens up or turns the puck over in our own zone and puck watches. These comments are not sour grapes, but they do leave a bitter taste.

The straw that broke the proverbial camels back were the comments from coach Doug Weight. In a minute of post game frustration, he said, and I paraphrase here, that the fans were not bringing enough to the games to make the environment good enough for the players. Hmmm Hey Doug F*&K Off!

Lets take a look at your comment and I realize that we all say things that we’d like to take back. That said, blaming the fans for the performance of the team is like like blaming a Nickelback fan for the fact that the band sucks. That one action, in a complete 180 from the heartfelt apology of the Rangers, sent us as fans the wrong GotDamn message at possibly the worst time. Also, your apology is a textbook back pedal. It smacks of “I’m sorry that what I said, made you feel that way” Just be accountable, It’s easy “I said the wrong thing” Simple.


1. Be respectful to us Doug! The fans and their disposable income, keep the team running asshat! For reference check the Senators. Most fans have to travel a long while to get to a temporary arena with shitty views, to watch this team. Oh and they are not making the millions that you or your players are making.

2.None of us are making a mint, but those fans that take their time and money to make it to an arena should be respected by a team that plays like it gives a shit. Lose, but go down swinging and we’ll love you.

3.See above, play with heart.

4. Don’t f*&King blame the fans for your shitty performance!

5. Don’t blame the fans, when we have been behind you for longer than most of your players have been alive.

6. Doug Weight, I may forgive you someday, but for now you disrespectful asshat, not until this team turns shit around.

Be well, take care and take a moment for the things that matter.

– Isle5Cleanup

Author: Isle5cleanup

Yes! Yes! Yes! Keeping the drive for 5 alive from Seattle, but not without the occasional clean up. Been an Islander fan for much longer that I should have been. Seen the ups, the 4 cups and the downs. I guess you could say I am a masochist with a love for hockey and the Blue and Orange. Even when Seattle gets a team, I will always stay true to the Isles. I write about this sport we love and spend a ton of time with my 9 year-old daughter at the rink. I also direct a beginners hockey program. The best thing in the world is helping those kids reach their goals.

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