Help Kids Play Hockey: Support Let The Kids Play Fund

If you’re reading this blog then this probably means that you love the sport of hockey. Whether you’re watching or playing, hockey is not only exciting but also teaches valuable life lessons. I started playing legit hockey in my second bantam year. Before that, I played in a youth hockey league that supplied equipment and an outdoor ice rink. I will be forever thankful for that league because without it, I don’t know if I would’ve ever played. Hockey is an incredibly expensive game and some families simply cannot afford it. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without hockey. I wouldn’t have met my best friends, I would be about a million times softer because of my continued baseball career and I simply would not have enjoyed life as much as I have.

Let The Kids Play Fund is here to help kids grow as people and make memories. Like I said earlier, some families do not have the means to make hockey fees and dues. On top of league cost, equipment is incredibly expensive but Let The Kids Play Fund is having none of that. No excuses. If you’re a kid who wants to play the best sport in the world, Let The Kids Play Fund will do whatever it can to help you.

What is Let The Kinds Play Fund?

Let The Kids Play Fund is a non-profit organization raising money for deserving kids to play hockey, as well as other sports. 100% of proceeds go directly to awesome kids who otherwise would not be able to play the sports they love. This means season fees, equipment, or whatever the child in mind’s needs are to follow their passion. The fund was created by and run by Colin Grodzki.

How did this start and what is the goal?

Colin was raised by a single mother who did everything she could to make sure I could afford to skate. From working long hours, to selling her own jewelry to pay season fees, she would do whatever it took to get me on the ice. He also had amazing grandparents, aunt, and uncle who all chipped in to let me follow my dreams. However, there are kids out there that are not as lucky as I was. It may not be for a lack of effort, as season fees and equipment together could be upwards of  thousands of dollars.

So in October of 2017, Colin started a GoFundMe when running a marathon to raise some money for deserving kids. What the fund turned into was miraculous. A true non-profit with sponsors, an online store selling quality apparel, and partnerships all around the United States to achieve a simple goal:

To Let the Kids Play

You can click here to donate or click here to by some awesome merch that will be donated as well.


Have an athlete in mind that needs some help? Click here and submit an application  for someone deserving of the fund.

This organization is a reminder that not everything is bad in this world. We spend way to much time looking at negative things when we should be spending our time looking at organizations like Let The Kids Play Fund and realizing that there are some pretty extraordinary people out there. The Morning Skate is proud to be a partner with Let The Kids Play Fund and ask our followers to support one of the best organizations out there.

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