Brendan Smith Breaks His Hand Fighting Vinni Lettieri in Practice

What a world we’re living in. At the beginning of this year the Rangers were a HUGE question mark. They lacked depth down the middle, acquired an underachieving back up goaltender and bought out the warrior Dan Girardi. In addition to adding Kevin Shattenkirk, the Rangers inked Brendan Smith to a 4 year 17.4 million dollar deal after the rugged defenseman had a hell of a 2017 Stanley Cup Playoff. No one really knew what to expect from the Rangers. Will they be good? Will they make the playoffs? What type of year will it be? Of all the questions surrounding the Rangers, Brendan Smith was not one of them, and boy oh boy were we wrong.




Rumors circulated that Brendan Smith showed up to camp out of shape and was immediately in Alain Vigneaults doghouse. While still playing with an edge, Smitty continued making bonehead plays often resulting in a dash on the scoresheet. I always pulled for Smitty because he would stand up for his teammates, be physical in front of the net but it was becoming clear that he didn’t bring his A game in the offseason and it showed. After being sent down to Hartford, I was hoping it’d be a wake up call to a rugged veteran in an attempt to resurrect his career, and then this happened.

Brendan Smith’s miserable season has ended in almost predictably miserable fashion, The Post has learned.

The defenseman, who was assigned to the Wolf Pack after clearing waivers Feb. 9 in the midst of the first season of his four-year, $17.4 million deal, suffered a broken hand in a fight at practice this past Sunday with Vinni Lettieri.

Smitty, what the fuck are you doing? I’ve stuck up for you pretty much every time some one came after you. My response was always, “Well what about Marc Staal?”, which I still think is valid, but this is fucking amateur hour. Your one goal here should’ve been to work your bag off every game, get your ass in shape and begin preparing, both mentally and physically, for next years camp to prove to everyone that you aren’t a giant waste of space. Having said that, I think breaking your hand fighting Vinni fucking Lettieri is literally the polar opposite of this. Being a veteran, making 4.35 million dollars a year, on a young Hartford team, you should be all about coming to work every day with a lunch pale and a hard hat trying to better yourself. Instead, Smitty decides to break his hand, call it quits for the year, and potentially ruin any sort of comeback that he once had. Oh well, bright side is no more greyhound bus trips to Utica for the 4.35 million dollar man. So fucking dumb.

Author: Ked

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