The IIHF Suspends Swedish Players for Their Conduct at Medal Ceremony. Also, IIHF, I have two Words for you



Per Sportsnet:

The IIHF has suspended five Swedish players — including Rasmus Dahlin, the projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft — and three coaches for their conduct during the medal ceremony at the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship on Jan. 5, 2018.

The IIHF released the following statement regarding the players’ suspensions:

“Taking off the silver medals presented to the players shows not only the disrespect against the spectators and the organizers of the championship, but also the disrespect against their opponents and winners of the championship. The fact, that the players afterwards have apologized for their behaviour and have assured that they had no intentions to be disrespectful to anyone, does not excuse the actions. The players have by their actions shown a lack of self-control, which cannot be accepted for a player playing at that level in an important championship. It indicates that they have developed wrong ambitions where only the first place counts, which is absolutely in contradiction to the ideas and values of sport. The actions of the players have to be considered as unsportsmanlike and as a breach of conduct that brings the sport of ice hockey into disrepute; they are not compatible with the idea of sport as a fair competition between the teams involved in order to determine the best team of the tournament. The actions in question cannot be excused by disappointment or even frustration not to have won the championship. Losing a game is part of any competition and of the sport of ice hockey, and does not excuse any unfair and unsportsmanlike behaviour; to be ‘frustrated’ by the loss of a game is not the right attitude, even at the player’s age.”


What a bunch of LOSERS. You’re going to suspend 5 players and three coaches 4 + months later? Why? Oh, because you’re seeking attention and maybe some peoples feelings got hurt? Give me a break. Hey IIHF, my feelings are hurt because you suspended these players and coaches and the only thing that would make me feel better is if you unsuspended them. That right there is called reverse psychology. Oh, check this shit out.


It indicates that they have developed wrong ambitions where only the first place counts, which is absolutely in contradiction to the ideas and values of sport.


What does this even mean? You play sports to win, not to finish in second or third or fourth or fifth. You play sports and represent your country to prove that you are better than the other team or teams. What kind of world are we turning into??! Someone needs to set up a new hockey tournament where the sole purpose is winning. By doing so, no one would give a fuck about the IIHF and they can go back to their safe spaces with a cute little pin that says the word ’sportsmanship’. Barf.

Author: Ked

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