Should The NHL Playoff Format Be Shaken Up?

There are a lot of story lines I could be talking about right now, but this one has been on my mind a lot. The other night all the series were split 1-1. This means that all the home ice advantages that the top seed receive were negated after a 60 minute game. I feel like there should be more of an advantage for the top seeds. These teams battle 82 games a season for what? An extra game at home that can be negated after the first game of the series if they lose? This got Papa thinking. Should there be anymore of an advantage for the top seed?

One idea I had that seems to be fair, is that the top team chooses to start their series home or away. If they choose home than the current format still holds. If they choose away they can go Away-Away-Home-Home-Away-Home-Home. Stealing a game right off the bat gives the higher seed a big advantage, which they deserve. Having this format still allows both teams to have their two home games for obvious financial reasons, but still gives a little bit more of an advantage for a top seed. I could be totally out of touch with this, but I would love to hear other ideas for a different format.

PM.png                                                           (Young Pierre McGuire)

Also, I have to add that Papa HATES the way the NHL playoffs are set up with the wild card spots. Just give me the top 8 teams, 1-8, reseed, and stop this chaos with the wild card from a different division crossing over. Just an awful idea that the NHL had to try and make the races more competitive down the line.


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