Remember My Article Saying The Bolts Won’t Win? Thank Me Later.

If you think for one second that I feel like an ass for saying the bolts won’t win this series, you are sadly mistaken. I stand by what I said. The Bruins fell victim to a bad call that put the series away. Late in the third with a lead, Charlie McAvoy with the puck gets pulled down for what should have been an easy call. Nope. The puck squirts to JT Miller and he slides it over to Stammer for a rip in the slot that ties the game. At that moment the series was over and I knew I would be writing this blog Sunday afternoon.

Now if you think I will apologize for offending you’re bolts, you’re again, mistaken. In fact I want all the Tampa fans to thank Papa because I pulled off a miracle. I resurrected Dan Girardi from the dead. As soon as I hit publish on that blog from last week telling the world the Bolts will lose, Gi literally took it upon himself to crush me. It only takes 2 miracles to canonized as a Saint in the eyes of the Catholic Church. I’m halfway there. So you all can laugh and chirp at me all you want, but your holiness cannot be shaken. You should instead be kissing my feet because your team is in the Conference Finals because of the Papa.

saint papa

A couple of side notes:

Krugs slow-mo highlight of him smashing his ankle is horrid and beyond cringe worthy. The fact that he skated off is an act of God.

Vegas is rapidly growing on me. I like all the teams in the West but right now the Knights and Jets are going back and forth with my heart. The only thing that holding them back is that I picked the Jets to win the cup. But boy oh boy is Vegas cool. They are doing something very special here and it’s been so fun to watch. Selfishly I want a game 7 so I wouldn’t be too upset if they took a loss tonight.

To bring up the Bolts again. I want them to win the East. My reason for this is that the Pens and Caps series should be exciting because it’s such a great match up, but it’s not. I just realized that I’m sick of these teams and I can’t stand their storylines anymore. This is probably the bitter Rags fan coming out, but I just have grown either tired of the East or the West has been so fun to watch that it is making the East series boring.


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