Holy Sh#$ – Lams, Trotz and JT Oh My!

As an Isles fan it is impossible not to think that rain is about to ruin your perfect day. Rangers fans I know that you hate us, but I also now that you feel us on this one. Last night Barzal gets his well deserved Calder trophy! He is amazing and the race was not even close.

But today, TODAY, To-MotherF&#King-DAY the Islanders did something that we have been waiting for for 30-plus years. In an effort to replace the Wang-Snow-Weight-Millbury fiasco they hired a coach in Stanley Cup Winner Trotz that matches Lams in the credibility department and aims to get it DONE with the Islanders.

Seriously, in his first comment he says that he spoke with JT and that contract negotiations are in good hands. This day could only get better if the JT signing is confirmed!



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