I Wanted To Talk About Don Cherry’s Take On Mike Hoffman…But I Won’t

So unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about what has happened in Ottawa between Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend and Erik Karlsson’s family. If you haven’t, you can read all about that below.


So now I wanted to touch on a take that we really shouldn’t be shocked by. Everyone’s crazy, senial grandfather, Don Cherry, aka “The Man of a Million Suits”, took some time away from crafting his wife’s good tablecloth into a suit and posted a “Twit Doc” a couple days ago. Now a “Twit Doc” is the old person equivalent of screenshotting your “Notes” and posting it on twitter, but I’ll give him a pass, because he’s like 500 years old.

Yes that is actually a tablecloth

Here is Cherry’s take on the matter. (you have to click the twit doc link…because he couldn’t just post the words on twitter because twitter isn’t for words…)

I really really wanted to know if anyone was interested in Don Cherry’s thoughts on the matter, but I won’t touch on that. I also wanted to talk about how people say Don Cherry is a homer and will side with a good ol’ Canadian boy over anyone, especially a Swede, but I won’t, because I didn’t say that, but people do say it. Not me. But people… We could talk about a lot of things surrounding Don Cherry that aren’t positive, I could… but I won’t.

So instead of talking about the absolutely horrid take that was given from some old leather goalie pad that got lost in a Fabric Store, here’s a 26 minute video of my good pal Don Cherry struggling to pronounce NHLers names to fill in some of the down time before the draft.



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