Must Watch: In The Crease, Hockey Documentary

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about the Maine Hockey documentary, Out of the Woods, which told the story of the 1993 National Championship. This was one of those videos that brought back a lot of memories from when I was kid playing youth hockey. Well to stick with the theme of nostalgia, In The Crease is another must watch. Thanks to a friend to bring this video up after reading the Out of the Woods blog.


This documentary is about the 2005 California Wave Bantam AAA team and their quest to win a National Championship. This is a great watch for any hockey fan, but be aware that is may cause depression that you won’t be able to play youth hockey again. The documentary also features interviews with many hockey legends such as, Brendan Shanahan, Scott Niedermayer, Joe Thornton, and many more. (For a better watching experience fast forward though the Scott Gomez interviews). One of the coolest things about this documentary is that it follows a team from California. Being from the north east, it was cool to see that hockey players are the same everywhere. People that play youth hockey growing up know that hockey life is so much different than the life of an average kid. This documentary puts that on full display and shows the relationships that these kids/families develop through the game. They becomes a family, which is why hockey is the best sport out there.

I could only find the preview on youtube, but it is on sale on Amazon and might be available on Prime Video to buy. It’s also available on eBay and Walmart online for pretty cheap and definitely worth the money.


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