Trotz And Lams Shore Up The Defense

So, it goes without saying that the past few weeks have been hell for the average Isles fan. What with the face of the franchise departing in fashion that reminds me of A-Rod leaving Seattle for Texas. Listen, I’m not salty. If I were JT I would have bailed too. He has a few years left on his contract and the Lams/Trotz hirings were too little too late. But come on, we as Isles fans deserved to be told the truth or nothing at all.

The hirings of Trotz and Lams send a new message to the Islanders faithful, though change sometimes comes slowly. After a 30 year rebuild I think that a single year is an acceptable timeframe to handle the shit show that they were handed.

As any Isles fan knows the Islanders had no problem putting the puck in the net last year, they finished 7th in the NHL. However they had hell of a time keeping the puck out of their own, finishing 31st.

Lams and Trotz got on the horse and brought back fan fave Matty Martin to put some fear into opposing forwards that decide to cross the blue line and backed him up with Robin Lehner, a goalie known for his hot temper, passion and ability to stop pucks. There are a number of other deals that have gone on, some good, some bad. Multi-year deals for 3rd and 4th line guys always invites a second guess, as does trading fan faves with potential like CdH. With the Snow era behind us it is hard to trust these two, but trust we must. Are they building the modern Charlestown Chiefs? That remains to be seen, but I for one would not mind seeing a bit more of this to aid the Islanders forwards. Take care Isles fans, the summer ain’t over yet and neither are Trotz and Lams.

Author: Isle5cleanup

Yes! Yes! Yes! Keeping the drive for 5 alive from Seattle, but not without the occasional clean up. Been an Islander fan for much longer that I should have been. Seen the ups, the 4 cups and the downs. I guess you could say I am a masochist with a love for hockey and the Blue and Orange. Even when Seattle gets a team, I will always stay true to the Isles. I write about this sport we love and spend a ton of time with my 9 year-old daughter at the rink. I also direct a beginners hockey program. The best thing in the world is helping those kids reach their goals.

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