The Rangers Sign Cody McLeod to a 1 Year Deal as I Throw up in my Mouth

Oh boy. Remember the whole ‘The Rangers are doing it the right way’ thoughts that we once had? Well that was just fucked. Fucked real good, too.


What are the Rangers doing? Let us try and figure out what is going on in the front offices brain.

  1. Heavy player sticks up for his teammates
  2. Good locker room guy


And thats about it. Listen, I understand the logic behind this. Cody McLeod will help the younger Rangers feel safer on the ice. I know you all can give me hundreds of examples of players getting injured while a tough guy is on the ice. Thats not really the point though. If you haven’t played a high level of hockey maybe the understanding of this isn’t as easy to comprehend. Tough guys do in fact change the psyche of a locker room and individual players. Players will feel like they have more time with the puck and yes, they will play with more of a carefree mind. These are just facts, however hard to comprehend. Having said this, you’re probably wondering why I’m throwing up. Let us rewind to a game against Nashville this year.


Yes, it is his former team who he was recently let go from. My problem? I don’t give a shit. This guy makes a TON of money to serve a role and the role is to protect players. Is his role to be a goal scorer? No. Is his role to be a playmaker? No. His role is to be a tough guy and try to contain the game. I would’ve sent this guy packing the moment the whistle blew after Jimmy Vesey was injured. Marc Staal? Not so much, but I digress. You have a job. Yes, we often fantasize about being an NHL player but it is a JOB.

AV is the coach he wasn’t allowed to do that.

Oh, boo hoo. What is AV going to do? Decrease his 1 minute and 45 seconds of ice time? BIG DEAL.

In conclusion, I hate Cody McLeod. No, this isn’t me going soft. You can read here about how I was fired up to get this guy the first time because I once thought he was a nail gun. I was wrong. Cody McLeod is USELESS and the fact that he’ll make more money than me in my lifetime is enough to make me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Author: Ked

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