Ain’t No Cure for Leafs Summertime Blues

Hey everybody I’m back just for a quick look at how I see the Leafs right now. I really don’t have anything in particular that I want to write about, just felt the need to rant a little bit. To be honest, it’s a crappy rainy day in PEI, I’m a little bored and that’s why I’m writing. 🙂

First of all just wanted to mention all this Cody Franson talk. As much as I hate saying this sort of thing, people just need to stop. They are embarrassing themselves. I get that the flow of hockey information is pretty slow right now, and the whole ‘Leafs need a top 4 defenceman’ narrative is like a beating a well-beaten horse by now, either talk about something that requires a bit of thought or just get a life or something.

I can understand that bloggers who have to pump out stuff in the summer need some content, but they need to get a little more creative. (I don’t consider myself a blogger FWIW, just some dude who spews his opinion, even though I write blogs. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make sense. Anyways…)

I’m glad at least all the trade Nylander talk has slowed down. Now it’s more like – ‘Boy I sure hope the Leafs can get a top 4 defenceman without trading Nylander.’ That’s not focused on one particular person/Tweep, just overall the jist of tweets I’ve been reading. Am I one of those people? Yeah I guess so, I know they aren’t moving Nylander so I guess they might get someone that’s OK, but not great. I don’t buy these Colton Parayko to the Leafs rumours. Armstrong would have to be smoking crack to move him.

Onto other things. We know that the top two lines will be 12-34-29 and 11-91-16, according to Babcock. (Love this tweet by Taco BTW)

We know that Kadri will centre the third line and does the rest really matter? People will debate back and forth, ad nauseam , about who should be playing the third and fourth lines, but really, who cares? With 2 lines like that, the rest will have such sheltered minutes that you could put a bunch of scrubs in the bottom 6 and they’ll be fine.

The thing is, the bottom 6 for the Leafs aren’t scrubs, so they’ll be awesome no matter how you arrange or rearrange them. So relax and enjoy the games. I refuse to argue about who the 12th/13th forward should be or who that 6th/7th D should be. It’s exhausting and boring as far as I’m concerned. (Maybe I’ve been on Twitter for too long.)

I’m also glad the media is past all this crap about Matthews being ticked off that the Leafs signed Tavares or that Matthews has some big problem with his coach like that complainer Eichel had with Bylsma. Am I forgetting any other ridiculous headlines that we’ve seen this past spring and summer? Probably. Most times I see them and think, Who cares?

Right now, I’m looking forward to the season starting just like everyone else but I’m not wishing the summer away either. Enjoy your summers friends cos there ain’t no cure for your hockey blues. I’ll talk to you in September when the action heats up again. 🙂

Enjoy the game and try not to take anything too seriously,


Cousin Eddie #budsallday

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